October 29th, 2006


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What do you want from me? Last week you said you were scared, because you haven't been in a real relationship in 3 years, and it was so fucked up you had to move to Florida to get over her.
But we're not in a relationship. All we do is hang out at your house and have sex.
Why don't you just ask me to be your girlfriend?

I have to respect myself enough to say no more sex until you tell me what you want from me.
same sky

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Time and distance might split us apart, but that is probably for the best. We will meet when the time is right, and we'll be together for ever.

As I was sitting here today, listening to my music on Windows Media Player and chatting on AIM, a sudden wave of nostalgia hit me. It wasn't born from anything special, or anything, for that matter. Just a passing thought in my mind, a thought that had to be explored. So I explored it. I willed myself to go back two years, to December 2004, when I first came in contact with the world of romance, drama, and a boy named Duncan.

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