October 16th, 2006

connor O


Dear you:

We haven't even been together "officially" for very long, but I have found my self in love? It feels great. Maybe I have moved to fast? I don't really know. All I know is that I have strong feelings for you. I was affraid to love again, but I think that this is worth it. I know you wont read this cause I know you don't even know I have a livejournal, but I just wanted to write this. One day you will know, I know when u said "I love you" to me you got a little worried after that you had scared me. It actually made me happy.
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i think I fancy you. well I know I do. but thats the problem. I only fancy you. You are so damn hot. But...I know in my heart we won't work out. We didn't the first time and although that was 3 years ago, I still don't think we will now. I think you love me a lot more than I love you. That came out wrong. What I mean is, I love you dearly as a friend. And oh god would I love to sleep with you...but, we couldn't be in a propar relationship, we'd get all bored again. We don't have enough in common.

Lv Linzi.xx


You only seem interested in me when your drunk. Whats up with that? I thought I might like you. But....you seem fake I guess. We're friends...you only want more when we've been drinking. I want you all the time. Is that so wrong?

Linzi. xx