October 12th, 2006


there's no point, they say, no point to it at all...

Dear tom,
BAH! I say to you and your myspace. A loud and profound BAH!
You are full of whores, fakes, posers and whatever other labels you have created to stick on those who have so little self esteem and concept of self worth that they feel the need to get online and find other similarly pathetic souls to provide them with mutual adoration. And you present these people with tools to make their task easier; the ability to post pictures feeding their half arsed self image problems and then the capability to post bulletins to every apathetic person on their friends list begging for any similarly desperate souls to comment on the pictures with the promise of the favour being returned. And the friends lists! They say they come here to “network” and “make friends” but they have friends’ lists of 1000 people, approx 900 of whom couldn’t care less about their life and only want their own friends lists to be longer and more hardcore than other peoples. Of the other 100, only about 20 actually give and shit about their ‘friends’ and their lives and I’d bet any money that 15 of that twenty already knew the person in real life. Wow, that was productive.
Now tell me, what honest motive can you have for telling the world what you had for breakfast or how long your toenails are that isn’t a search for self gratification?
And you cannot claim for a moment that you don’t ask for it. Not that I blame you, you are running a business, earning your keep and the more pathetic people that log onto your server and complain to the world about how tragically horrible their lives are the more expensive the champagne you get to get pissed on at new years.
Let me backtrack though, I don’t condemn you, no, I fucking congratulate you. Anyone who can take the inane human need for self gratification and adoration by theirs peers and exploit it to such an extent that you are making millions from it ought to be congratulated. So a hearty congratulation to you, I say, a hearty congratulation.
Kindest regards,
A myspace user.
(None of this is to be confused with myspace music, of which rocks my odd socks off. Plus self-whoring in the music industry is not only accepted, it’s a means of survival)

Ps. I may be opinionated and self righteous but I don’t mind hearing that I’m wrong (as undoubtedly some of my facts are wrong, seeing as I made them up). But I will play devils advocate.