October 11th, 2006

(no subject)

Dear You.

I hate this time of night. Knowing your what 10mins away and im sitting here dying to see you.
Its been a week and I miss you like crazy. 
The last week my heads been a mess and I wish I could have seen you to make things clearer.
Talking tonight kinda has.
I know you dont feel the way I do anymore and it breaks me a little more.
I know I should let this go and get on with things but the way I feel about you I think theres one more fight left in me.
I dont know for sure how things will work out but I hope one day my dream will come true and things will work out.
Im hoping for that one more shot to try. 
The way I feel is nothing to compared to how I've ever EVER felt about a single person before.
Every moment that passes your there, its like my obsession.
Your my kind of drug I need to keep me going.
I know that your bad for me but without you I really am nothing.
But I know your doing fine and I think thats what hurts the most.
Weird to think a year ago we were in the opposite position.
If only I knew then what I know now.
I love you always mister.
Your my star.