October 8th, 2006

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dear bestfriend,
you use to be the person i always went to. and takl about my problems. you alwyas made me feelbetter and made me feel like that soeone in the world actually cares about me. now its different. i go to you with my problems and you ask me if i have to talk about it. yes of coruse i want to talk about it but i say no because i didndt want you to listen if u didnt want to. nnow theres noone to turn to , noone to talk to. noone i  can ask for help when ineed it. and noone that cares. i wish u the best of luck with her.

This bog is thick and easy to get lost in when you're a dumbass, belligerent fucker!

Whoever decided to print 3947193471947 pages before checking to see if there was printer paper,

(^*%@)*@*(&@*^^*^@()@*!!!!!!!!!!! That was my own damn paper because I KNEW there wasn't paper in the community printer. I thought I would be nice and throw in a good chunk. I hope you enjoy YOUR document because I can't print MINE now, and mine is probably CONSIDERABLY more important than yours.

Well, I can print mine, but I have to waste MORE of my printer paper or a trip to the library. GAH! Next time be considerate and cancel the print job.
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