September 21st, 2006

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Dear you.

Thank you so much for the past couple of weeks. I know were not back together and I dont think either of us could deal with that right now, but having you there for everything thats been happening has been amazing.
Even if its just to hold my hand or to go to dinner with. Letting me stay at yours whenever I want has been brilliant.
I love waking up next to you and seeing that wee smile of yours and your big blue eyes.
Or in the middle of the night when I cant sleep you roll over to me, give me a hug and kiss and tell me you love me like always.
You really are my best friend. You cheer me up when im down, even when im a bitch to you you'll try and make me smile.
The past few weeks would have been dire without you and I just wanted to say thanks.
Your my star and I really do love you, even if I cant always say it.
I really dont know what I would do if you werent in my life and im so glad that you are.
Cant wait til tomorrow, its gonna be another good one.

Love, Me
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Dear you,
How could I let you do this to me again? What is it about you that I can't get away from? I feel small when I think about you. I also feel disgusting thinking about what I did with you again. I'm just a dumb girl who keeps telling herself that it will be more then sex one day. I've been telling myself that for 2 years. But it never will be more then that will it? I honestly wish you would just come clean to me. Tell me everything you think and whether or not you truely want to be with me or you're just saying does things. You are the hardest person ever to figure out. But ya know what. I think if we ever did have a relationship I wouldn't want you anymore. Maybe I don't know.
Love, Casey.