September 17th, 2006

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i don't know what to do without you.  every day i miss you.  every day, whether i want to or not, i love you.

this time, i left you.. not because i wanted to, but because i had to.

it takes everything inside of me to not call you up every single night.

you're not worthy of my love.. you won't ever love me like i love you.. you'll never even treat me well....
so why can't i get over you?
why the fuck can't i ever get over you?

i want those years of my life back.  thx
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I want you so bad. It feels like every inch of me is bruised from the ache and pain. If I had it my way, it wouldn't have gone so fucking far, but it did, and I can't rewind life, and maybe I don't want to because I've never felt like this before, even though it hurts with every breath I take, I think I would do it again...actually, I know I would do it again. You are the kind of boy that a girl never gets over.

The Crocodile Hunter,
I just wanted you to know, you're my hero and because of you I care so much about animal welfare. Thank you for everything you have done for this world. Your passion will continue to burn on. But I still think, Why did you have to go? I wasn't ready for it. I don't think anyone was. I still don't believe it. Everyday I hope I wake up and you were really just climbing Mount Everest or something and it's all just a horrible rumor.
I thought you were invincable.