September 9th, 2006

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dear you,
i really can't stand you. everything you do annoys me. even when you said "ou cigarettes!". that really bothered me, you obviously only smoke because you think it's cool or something and you got really happy when you realized you were addicted? interesting. and you need to stop taking everything so seriously. i mean, i understand you feel left out if we don't invite you places or whatever but FIRST of all, you're the one who says you never get to spend any time with stephanie because you're always with us. second of all if you ever asked to hang out with us someone would probably invite you anyway because they felt bad. i'm the only one that doesn't like you so just get over it.

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dear kevin,
why are you playing games? you know good and well you want to be with me. you know i'm going to be good for you. and i believe the sex would prolly be really good (if that's what we dedcide to do). so why are you acting like this is not what you want? abd if this isn't what you want why were you hesitating? why did you look so sad? and why did you keep touching and hugging me when you told me i wasn't what you wanted?
when we were on the phone you told me you always liked me, that i'd always had cute if that was true and you know i'm a real woman, why are you running. what is really the problem?

dear deandre,
i didn't appresiate last night, just so you know...yes i like you and i love talking to you but i can't have anymore of whatever yesterday was. and i told you not to be talking to me every night if you weren't going to be able to maintain doing that.
don't talk to me when you've been drinking anymore, okay?
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Anyone & Everyone

What would you do if you liked a guy? Would you tell him?

I know it seems stupid, right? You're probably standing there nodding along going: yes. why not? whats there to lose?

But to me...its such a big problems so now I've given up.

Im going to explain this story, and im BEGGING you. me out.

I like this guy, and well...I think he liked me too. I met him at a social and got his msn and number. We talk. but hes...quiet. He's really nice and I really like him...but I dont know why. I asked him to my friends party as a friend, and he said he couldnt go because it was his friends birthday but if I wanted to go out to the movies one day. I said yes, but I never got a reply and we never went. Then someone told him I liked him and kept harrassing him at his school asking if he liked me too. Then the person who harrassed him came up to me and said that he said he did like me. So I was happy...for a while. Till I got into a fight with the person who harrassed him, and apparently he said that the guy I like didnt like me and he just said he did because he wanted me to feel good about myself. So, last night was our year 10 social. I went. Danced. and he asked me to dance, just when I got over him...all those feelings came flooding back.

Ok. Now I know you're probably thinking I'm weird or I'm desperate, and to tell you the truth. I am. But please. Just help me out.

However, please be nice. I know you're confused and probably think I'm stupid, but I'm confused too and I just need your help.

Thank you.