September 7th, 2006


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dear you,
i'm going to be blunt because apparently the subtle hints aren't enough. i like you. a lot. i think we'd be perfect together and you felt the same way 2 years ago. well, it's been 2 years but we've talked everyday since then. we're both single now. we both find each other attractive inside and out. in case you didn't know, i like you and i want to know how you feel. just let me know.
love [not really but like a lot],
baseball is love

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I cant help but tell everyone our story. Or my story. Of you. And all you've done for me.

And as I tell the story each time, it just seems to only get better.

And I try not to cringe when I say I didnt kiss you,
but everyone can see that I'm smiling when I talk about you.

And everyone can see that I'm smiling,
Because you made me believe that I'm beautiful when I smile.

And everyone smiles when they hear my story,
And tell me that I should write it down,
They tell me I should tell everyone.

And so I do.

I love to tell everyone about you.

And every day that goes by, I do miss you, I really do.
But I'm also so very thankful for all that you've given me,
that I cant help but feel you nearer.

Every time I talk about you,
I feel you're living within me,
and making me smile.

Again and again and again.

You've become my smile.

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You know.. it really sucks that I was forced to choose between swimming with you- which you know I hate swimming as it is- and being there for a friend who needed me. I'm fucking SORRY you think you know him so well... I'm fucking SORRY that you think you know he's just looking for attention. I am SO FUCKING SICK of you and mom and dad and uncle Jeff and fucking EVERYONE CRITICIZING MY FRIENDS AND WHAT GOES ON. You don't know them, you don't know what fucking goes on between us. Fuck you and your assumptions.
One would think you would realize that I'm not just going to take the chance of losing one of my best friends. I'm NOT willing to lose the friendship I have with him for ANYTHING. I have NEVER felt anything for anyone the way I do him, and I'm not going to fucking sacrifice that. I'm sorry I "need to get my priorities straight" or whatever other bullshit.
You shouted at me, "Fucking sorry I'm not as important as your friends"? Well, to be honest, fucking SWIMMING IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS HIS LIFE.
Once again, make all the fucking assumptions about him just wanting attention as you want.
The point is, I'm NOT willing to take any chances.
I "need to think about some things"?
I have.
My family is just as important to me as my friends are, but you have to think which could have seemed more pressing in my eyes.
So fuck that.

Your little sister,
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