September 5th, 2006

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Dear Jenna and Robbie:

Will you please stop telling the school I'm a lesbian? I'm not. I'm not even bi. I'm straight. And even here, when I'm totally anonymous, where I didn't even use your real names, I'll say it because it is the truth: I AM NOT A LESBIAN! I can't even believe you're saying it. Just because my friend just came out doesn't mean I'm her girlfriend. Just because I don't have a crush on any of the loser guys at our school doesn't mean I like girls instead.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about it. I don't get crushes on guys so I didn't know what that meant and I figured for a while it might have meant I'm a lesbian. But: I'm NOT. I've never been turned on by girls, either, I've realized. It's just that I don't get crushes because when you crush, you generally don't really know the person, and you're falling in love with what's on the outside and less of what's on the inside; and the only time I can ever picture me falling in love is with someone I know really well and can call a friend.

So what have we learned, my dears, Jenna and Robbie?

1) I am not a lesbian
2) I am not bi
3) I am not talking to either of you if you let the silly rumor carry


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Dear The-Boy-That-Blue-Eyes-Were-Made-For,

Come back. I know you're older, I know you have to go to college, but can't you come back to high school just to help me get through this year? Just so maybe we could have another shot at that whole teenage romance thing? Please don't ever change and please don't ever let me see you with another girl, I don't think my heart could handle any more stress than it is right now and I may not be able to make it through the night. 

I love you,

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dear you&you,
thank you for being my best friends. i don't know what i'd do without you. i do have a feeling that you both won't like me as much as the school year progresses, that tends to happen to me with friends every year, but i want you to know that you both mean the world to me. i've never had as much fun with anyone else as i do with you guys, and you make me feel so much better when i'm upset, or nervous, or anything else like that. i never thought i could love or trust anyone as much as i do both of you. and i know i'm in love with one of you and you may not like it too much, but i'm sorry i can't just stop loving someone. i understand that you don't like me like that though, and you probably never will. i can't deal with that right now but maybe someday i'll learn to. i'm just glad you love me as a friend because we have the best times together and with us there's absolutely no drama. i love you guys. =)