September 3rd, 2006

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Dear Rob,

Yesterday was pretty much amazing. 
I loved lying on the grass in the sun, drinking some beer and just listening to some good bands.
Man I must be crazy over you, I missed the oppertunity to be at the very front for YYYs to make sure you were okay.
Sitting up til the wee small hours making sure you were okay was actually fun.
Your drunken chat makes me smile a million.
Also your random outbursts in your sleep are the funniest things ever.
You are the cutests weirdo ever but I love ye for it.
This years flown in and I didnt realise how good its been.
Talking last night about everything weve been through n everything weve done was weird.
I didnt think you remembered half of it until you sat for ages going over everything.

I miss you already and ive only been home like 4hrs.
I really am quite tragic when it comes to you,

Love Mandy                     xx