September 2nd, 2006

Cheshire- Grin

"All in good time my little pretty, all in good time"

Dear Chump,
It's still too hard to forget those feelings.
I need to learn patience I suppose.
I'm glad that you're happy.
I wish you could atleast talk to me.
I think about you still, when I'm with my Someone.
It doesn't settle well with me
and I wonder what will make me get over you.
Selfishly, I think it will be if/when you stop dating her.
Hopefully, I think it will be when I fall in love again.

Missing You Still,

Dear My Not-Boyfriend,
How crazy are we?
Act the part, yet we aren't.
Excessive PDA, flirting, cuddling, and hanging out,
yet except the fact that we can't last as a couple.
What will come of us?
Which one of us will get into a real relationship first?
What will happen then?

Making the most of this,
Your Not-Girlfriend
kissing billie joe

happy f*cking birthday

dear boy,
3 months and all i can come up with is a "happy birthday" and a degrading remark about myself.
3 months and you say "you don't know me" and since "the only reason we ever hung out was cos of school and stuff", i guess i shouldn't have bothered to try harder anyway.
...but there were so many things i wanted to write in that card. so many things i could never have admitted 'till now.
its strange that i've even admitted to not being over you. i can't keep lying to myself... i do still like you and it hurts that you think of me as someone you don't really like --even as a friend.
i know we're not as "cool" with each other as you are with other friends, but give me a chance, will you?? it's not like i want the entire world from you; just some sort of positive affirmation that you don't dislike me.
3 months and i'm still wishing you a hapy birthday and a warning about those candle flames...
i shouldn't be bitter about it, but if i had my own candles to blow out, i'd wish to know how to feel about this and act accordingly.
L_____ ....((can i still sign this "love" even if it's been only 3 months?))
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