August 29th, 2006

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not coming for a good reason is understandable but not telling me you're not coming is fucking rude. you've managed to not see me since i got back and that fucking hurts, and is rude.

and the biggest piss take is i missed you so much i felt like i was only half living. you make me dislike myself less.
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"after all this time?" "always."

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dear you:

today had been a good day until i read what you wrote about me. you jumped to extreme conclusions so quickly and blamed it all on me. i hadn't done a thing to wrong you, but that didn't matter; i was the outlet for you and that was it. you called me rude, childish, and whatever the hell else, but i never went off on your innocence.

i hope to god you choke to death on your ego.
swing life away

It's been a while...

So, it's been about a year or more since I last posted. Anyways, here I go:

Dear boy,

Yes, you. I will miss you so much. I don't think you will ever know just how much I mean that. You were my favorite. If you still lived closer I would have fallen for you & loved you.

However, I read your last email that you sent me. It was a goodbye email, a goodbye for good. I will never hear from you again. Those words, seemed almost harsh as I read them... like you purposely didn't want to speak to me again {which for all I know that is exactly what you're doing}. You said that you were moving, again, and I'm sorry. There is no other way for me to contact you, and I didn't want to end on that note. I tried to email you back for my goodbye to you, but you will never probably receive it. It's just a dead letter. Would you have even cared to hear what I have to say? Then again, if you really cared about this friendship I would think you would find some way to keep in touch.

I honestly thought that you could have been "the one".

"But nothing's ever hurt so much for me // To let you go" -- TEN

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