August 27th, 2006

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dear you,
when i'm around you i feel brave, like i can do stuff that i would never normally do. like when i gave that girl the meanest look today just so she'd stop looking at you. i could never do that if you weren't there, and if you didn't tell me to. thank you. =)
peter griffin

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dear megatron,

I try very hard not to cry every time you leave but it's impossible and I always fail. don't get me wrong; I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life because of you. in the past, my heart told me that all I needed to make me happy was someone like you. my brain told me that someone like you would entertain me, but I'd need fulfillment, education, etc. to be truly happy.

apparently the verdict matches up with my heart's idea -- I feel like no matter what happens, I can make it through because I have you. other things matter to me, but you are number one. nothing could ever touch you. you are everything to me. I never thought I'd get to say that to anyone. I've told you a million times that I can't put it all into words. I know that I am very young but I am not stupid. I've been around long enough to recognize what's real and what's not. I can't imagine ever getting to this point with anyone ever again and I know this isn't making much sense but it's the only way I can figure out how to put this down in words where I can see it.

I don't know what to say. I love you more than anyone has ever loved anyone else and I will never stop.
Do What You Love

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Dear you,

Last night was so much fun. I enjoyed dancing with you more than I think I've ever enjoyed dancing with anyone. For the first time since I started, I was dancing with someone because I wanted to dance with you, not just because I wanted to dance. For the first time since I started, it wasn't some guy teaching me how to do an aerial or the Foxtrot. It was a guy who wanted to dance with me to dance with me.

At least I hope it was.

My friends say you were hitting on me. They say they think you definitely like me. I'm not sure if I want to like you back, if you like me at all. You're a great dancer, you're attractive, you smelled good, and you were great to talk to. I asked you to dance first because you were there and I wanted to dance. You asked me to dance afterwards because.. why? Hopefully it was because you enjoyed dancing with me.

Next weekend will be the big test. We're coming out to dance at your Salsa club. My friends are making me go, but in reality, I'm only going because I want to see you again. Yes, I love dancing. But this time I'm not going to dance, but I'm going to dance with you.

I hope that this works.

With hope,
"after all this time?" "always."

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"I think I’m going to Boston
I think I’ll start a new life
I think I’ll start it over
No one knows my name
I’ll get out of California
I’m tired of the weather
I think I’ll get a lover
I’ll fly ‘em out to Spain

I think I’m going to Boston
I think that I’m just tired
I think I need a new town
To leave this all behind
I think I need a sunrise
I’m tired of the sunset"

dear world:

does boston really exist?