August 22nd, 2006


She Said What? OMG BOO HOO!

Dear People Who Read This Community,

If you use this community to spy on people who you think are writing stuff about you, or reading it to tell other people what he or she said about them, you shouldn't be here.
You are causing this community to not be a place where people want to post, due to the fact that people are scared someone they dont want to be reading their posts are in fact reading them.
I hope you feel bad, and I hope it bites you in the ass.

♥ Stevie
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(no subject)

dear you,
i dont kow why i expect everything i do. i guess i shouldnt. i really wanted to go out with you tonight, and i was upset. maybe i shouldnt have been, but i cant help how i feel. it seemed u should have wanted to see me more thn you did, but who am i to judge, we al seem to sow our emotions very differently and urs are usually bottled up inside. so i came here because i didnt want to spend the night upset at you. i guess i want too much because i thought maybe ud be a little happy to see me, but all u seem to do is pull away. i guess you dont not want m here, because u havent kickd me out, but ur sleeping next to me and whenever i get close, you pull away. even in ur sleep. u almost fell off, so i moved to the other side of the bed. and now im using ur computer to write you a fake letter you will never see. in ur bed... with u lying next to me.
love, me.
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Inspired by crazeebeautyfl's entry...

Dear summer,


Don't get me wrong. I need you, summer. I love the way the sun feels on my skin on lazy afternoons, and it's necessary to have a break from school.

You always wear out your welcome, though. I was so bored this summer. I tried so hard to find work, but somehow, I was passed over by ALL potential employers. I need to be doing something. In fact, when I cut myself those few times, it wasn't because I needed to escape the horrors of my life. It was because I was bored, I don't know how to knit, and, well, I was curious.

Summer, I appreciate your warmth and your potential for fun and relaxation, but I'm ready for Autumn to visit. I need school, I need to get away from my parents, and I need to get out of this house, off my ass, and DO SOMETHING!

See you next year!
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robot devil

These humans all suck. I'd rather be home feeling violent and lonely...


Thank you so much for coming to me. I didn't offer much help, but at least you trusted me.

I think I know who you like, and I semi-apologize. If you can't be together, it's partially because she knows everything about our past relationship. I mean, I told her the great, the good, the bad, and the ugly, so she knows it all.

Secretly, though...I don't really want you to date any of my friends, at least close ones. It would be so odd...I want you to be happy! But I just hope it's with a cute stranger...

Don't put yourself down. You're handsome, funny, and talented. You're interesting and intelligent. And even though I've called you some pretty harsh words, you're a sweetheart, and I know it. You can treat a girl like gold if she deserves it.

Don't quit me.

<3 Me