August 18th, 2006

(no subject)

to her:
i wish you werent so angry.
are you so moody because of the bipolar? or just because you're not happy with your life?
i wish i could make it better.
its hard for me to take the hit every time you snap and just keep moving. its hard to deal.
i dont want to yell back because i dont think its really your fault.
and i know i cant make you feel better.
but i wish........something were different.
i wish i could go out and do things without worrying that you are alone. and i wish that i didnt have to feel bad being in love when you dont seem to be. its not that i feel bad that im in love, i just.. . feel like im always rubbing it in your face. obviously, im not.
god, why is this so confusing?
questionably me.