August 14th, 2006

Breaking Hearts

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Dear You

It seems that every drunken conversation and every weekend something new comes out.
You never told me you were scared of how good things were with us and you freaked out and ended it. 
Its taken what 3 1/2 months for you to tell me this and I dont see why.
You always pressure me into telling you everything about how I feel with us.

When I was out the other night your best friend even said that we need to give it another try.
Its what 20 odd people for want us back together and just you scared things might actually work out and that means growing up a little.
So whats it gonna take? 
Another bottle of vodka before you actually give me a straight answer?
I dont wanna pressure you but this just isnt fair now.
Bloody hell boy if I wasnt so crazy about you I think I would have to kill ye.

Love Mandy xx

Dear so called best friend

Fuck you. You left me with your friends from work so you could go home with your boyfriend that ignored you the whole night and who you thought was being a dick.
I didnt even wanna go out but you dragged me out to spend time with your shitface boyfriend you know I cant stand.
Hes cheated on you with one of your 'close friends'
You make her life a misery yet youll ignore me for him when he clicks his fucking fingers.
I thought you might have wised up a little but you the same selfish person youve always been.
Dont ever say to your mum your with me or staying at mines so you can spend time with him cos im so sick of lying to her.
I really cant get over how much of a twat you can be.
Soon as a boys involved it doesnt mean all your friends dont exsist.
Try maybe not being so obsessed that someones taking interest in you and look at yer mates that have been there for you through all the shit the past 5yrs and give them a little gratitude once and a while please or youll lose us.
And oh yeah you owe me £20 for having to take your drunken friends home.
Oh but I bet I wont be seeing that either.
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dear you,
i loved hanging out alone with you.
i thought it was really fun,
and i hope you don't think it was awkward.
i want you to pretend i don't like you.
unless of course you spontaneously love me again.