August 7th, 2006

one day

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The things you say make me so happy. The cute things make me giggle, just because. The text messages every night before bed, ones like "Sleep well kitty, I love you this much *holds up outstretched arms*." The random "Hey!"s and "How are you?"s during the day, and sometimes into the night and early morning. The silly IMs when I have an away message up and you know I'm near my computer. The way we cuddle when we watch movies or tv, play games, or even just talk together. The way you're so introverted. The way you need so much space from your girlfriend, but you could spend endless nights with me and thoroughly enjoy my company, and everything that comes with it. The way I can sit and watch you play guitar for hours on end, and you play for me because you know how much I love it. The way you make absolutely ridiculous jokes or say things that don't mean anything. The way that you support me in whatever I do, but you always give me advice about what you've gone through first. The way that you look out for me and take care of me constantly. The feeling that I know that you tell me everything that matters to you, and you know that I do the same. And sometimes we even tell each other the things that don't matter to us. The way I can tell you how I used to be, and you won't look down on me because you know how much I've changed. The way you call me adorable and cute, and your pretty kitty. The way that you love being my wolfie, and I love being your felinicus, your kitty, your kaylalayla, your everything.

I love it. I love it all so much.
I love you.

YOU are MY everything, and I honestly can't tell you what I would do without you. Because I just. don't. know.
You are my best friend, and I will never forget you. I swear we'll talk everyday that we can next year when you're almost five hours away from me- at big-boy school.