August 3rd, 2006

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so sorry i didn't tell you in advance about my teeth getting taken out.
but you holding me last night.. like, sharebear and charface were holding hands, and it was cute.
but then, you came, and you were far away and pissed at first, but you warmed up sat next to me, and then i was on your lap, and we were cuddly, and it was right again.
thank you for kissing me even though i feel gross.  thank you for showing your concern.. that's what i need from you.
thank you for walking me back to the house.  the drugs were funny.  but it was cute and reminiscent of old times, and i missed those times, and i'm so glad i'm no longer missing you.
i will never forget those cute pecks or the way you held me when i almost fell over.
and you know good and well that i will never forget you.
always and forever, babe.  it's that simple.
it is now, and it always has been.
see you later, babe.  :]


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Dear R,

There is times when were lying there next to each other and you tell me that you still love me.
Theres other times when were just sitting there scared to hold hands.
Sometimes I wish it was the same as it was when it used to be just us.
We had each other and thats all we needed.

I wish for the times when I could tell you how I felt and wasnt scared because nothing was scary with you around.
I miss the nights when we would sit up til 4am talking rubbish and eating ice cream with too much chocolate sauce that would make us feeling sick as dogs.
I miss just falling asleep next to you and feeling safer than ever.
I miss the nights we would sneak into each others houses just to spend another 10minutes together because the day spent together wasnt quite long enough.
I loved it when you would kiss me on the forehead to wake me up.

I hate this feeling.
I dont think you know just how special you are to me.
It breaks my heart that I cant tell you just how much I love you because im so scared that you just dont.
I wish I had the courage you have and maybe things would be different.
Your my best friend and the best boyfriend I ever had.
I just want things back to normal please.
Think its time to tell you everything

I Love You & Cant Imagine Life Without You