August 1st, 2006


You know...


Even when I'm wholly pissed, you're wonderful to me.

You cheated on me, too, you know. Maybe weren't officially dating at the time, but you tried to hide her from me...we went from clandestine lovers to strangers. I mean, how could you have expected me to just...stop kissing you? You didn't even explain yourself! I had to spy on you! And then you forced me to stay away from you because you couldn't handle yourself around me, and then you convinced ME to help YOU cheat! You blamed for for your cheating, takes two, buddy.
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dear fear of commitment,

i think its time for you and i to have a chat.
i think that you consume too much of me - and it makes me a bad person, in the end. because i still want the physical part of a relationship - to hold hands, to hold someone, to kiss and cuddle. and that i do, but with people that i could never actually establish a relationship with due to the fact that i'm scared to. and due to the fact that i kiss these boys that i'm not dating, it makes everyone else around me think that i'm a whore. which i'm not, honestly. i'm just...  i don't know.

AND ANOTHER THING. so, theres this boy who i've just so happened to have a crush on for a looong while now. you already ruined my first chance at having a relationship with him; I WONT LET YOU GET IN THE WAY THIS TIME. because hes just that cute, and i'm still kicking my own ass for turning him down the first time.

get the fuck out.