July 22nd, 2006

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Dear Mom

Why do I have to live in this serious world and have no fantasies.

Why can't I dream of meeting Prince Charming?

Why do you have to put me down because I'm not out doing stupid things like you did?

Why can't I just live happy, and not second-guess myself because of you?

Just let go MOM!
need guitar

tell me the truth

are we the same anymore?
are we even friends?
i don't really understand.

every moment is spent wondering when i'll see you next.
all your moments are wasted trying to figure out how to ignore me.

if you don't like me, say it to my face.
don't let me think the worst.

i hate how you said you were going to be different and you would never do that to me.
you're an effing hyporcrite and you won't even give me the chance to bring it to your attention.

every lie and every excuse can't change me.
especially when i know it's false.

maybe i should give you the benefeit of the doubt.
afterall, it's only been about a month since i've properly known you.
but give me a chance will you?!
if you're avoiding me cos you're getting over her than that's just plain stupid.

i honestly don't understand. ever since i've met you it's been so great, hanging out with everyone and i just felt like i really fit in somewhere, like i really belonged. no one else seems to have a problem with me. you didn't either till about a week ago. i understand not going to superman cos you thought i liked you and it would be awkward. i get that. but it's not like that. don't let me stand in the way of you having an awesome time.
just give me five minutes to show you what you've been missing.

i might be taking this too seriously, and you could honestly be too tired to hang out every time i ask.
i don't know how much longer i'll let this go on before i call you on it. but promise me you'll understand?
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