June 27th, 2006

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dear friends

WHOA! what happened. o__o this leaving lj temporary is hard. becuase i come back and all of a sudden everyones like OMG CRY and i'm like why!? its sunny out! o__o;

love me

dear weather


love party.

dear jobs


love the unemployed.

dear war,

HOMG SCARED! i'm paranoid about leaving my HOUSE!! thanks alot jerks lol :C

love player
romain and janssen

Dear... well i don't really know what to call you because you're definitely not my friend anymore,

You are a bitch. If you ever tell me to grow up or call me narrow-minded again you'll wish you would have never met me. I push you around and treat you like dirt? How, i want examples, because i saw it very much so the other way around for years. Using my own problems against me is low and right now i really don't give a shit about any of yours. You're a hypocrite and pathetic. We were fooling ourselves think two people like us could ever have a lasting relationship, you set it up in the beginning in a very unfair way anyway. You sent me down a dead end where i could never get an equal footing in the relationship, and that's not fair, but there's nothing i can do about that now. I don't want to be your friend anymore. You make me feel like shit and sick to my stomach. I would like to say it was a good run but i as i look back on it even more i'm realizing it wasn't. Now that i am free of you i can move on and progress.

P.S. when you eventually find out about all of this don't give me the bull-shit "it's going to take time for me to adjust to this" you and i both know it wont. You've shown me that you don't need me and i certainly don't need you. So go suck on that and get over yourself.