June 25th, 2006


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"For me, you're the best I can get"

thank you Michael.

that was the last hug
the last kiss
the last time you will ever hold me

never will you manipulate me again.
you may have broken me countless times,
but that is the last time.

I feel numb.
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dear jordan,

i'm sorry for getting so trashed last night. i felt really bad this morning when i realized it, cause you werent really being nice. im sorry for falling over so much.. but thats what you get for taking two trashed girls back to their placeeee at 2 in the morning! haha sorry. but i feel bad because you took care of me. you were so nice. it just kinda makes me feel awkward, like i was annoying you. i was being annoying, though, i guess. loud, drunk obnoxious girl... go figure. thanks for picking me up and pretending to be my boyfriend when that creepy guy was there. and making sure your creepy friends didn't rape me!

i love you. seriously, in a non-sexual way, you're everything i need. my best friend in the entire world. its not even funny. last night i felt so special because i felt like you cared for me as much as i did for you. we should get drunk again.


p.s: bffl, plz?