June 19th, 2006

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I'm not so sure about you anymore. Your I love you's seem so real, because you look into my eyes with every word and you take your time. You say you really do love me. So, why not ask me out ? Why do you go to her all the time ? Why do you have to lie ? Why did you even start talking to me in the first place ? I feel rather annoying having everyone ask you if you like me. I know the real answer and I guess i'll just have to live with it. You don't want me. You never did. You're just another player in this world that makes girls fall for him with all the pretty lies that fall out of your mouth and dangle on their hearts. I'm sorry for falling so hard for you. I hope we can be friends. I'm sorry for loving you with my all.


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dear Transit Radio,

wtf mang. not cool. YOU WERE MY FIRST LOCAL BAND. you cant break up!!!! YOU CANT DO THIS TO ME!! calen, josh, gerry and dave, you guys make my life HAPPY, if you dont exist anymore i'm going to cry. I MET THE BOY I LIKE AT ONE OF YOUR SHOWS! I SAW YOUR FIRST ENCORE! you guys have SUCH POTENTIAL, SUCH TALENT. i'm seriously crying guys. i hate you. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!!!! calen, josh, WHAT ABOUT MAKING FACES AT YOU? what about the CONDOMS and and. shit you guys, you cna't do this. why. i'm crying. gosh. SO BREAK MY HEART IN TWO AND TAKE HALF WITH YOU