May 19th, 2006

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they're always to you...

i drove home without a seatbelt on the other day, after talking to you.

if you come back to me, i don't think i'm strong enough to say what i want to say.

please, please don't come back to me.

and i didn't mean to fall in love, but i did,
you didn't mean to love me back, but you know you did.

with all the broken hearts and tears in the world,
your rainbow

(no subject)

well, i know you'll read this, we'll see how this goooooes.

hokay, i know you want your book back. i've just been lazy/stubborn ha feel free to throw non painful items. i sorta know what happned but at the same time i really dont know what happened to us being friends. and to be honest you did really change alot, not saying i didnt, but you were like homg change! and i was like wait..what?? you can be a little mean sometimes though, just being honest, not saying that i'm not but sometimes its like BAM i dont like you! and its like geez o__o; at least those are myyy feelings.and yea. we're both really stubborn haha. i also was looking through my pics for slideshow and found tons of us and was this sucks. we dont even talk anymore. i still put them in though. and i hope you didnt think that entry was stupid and delete it cause it made me feel all happy like and stuff.. i think its cause i actually do miss hanging out with you. cuase i mean, hanging out with boys is cool and all.. but damn i could use a chinese food "study" night or whatever we used to call them. but i'm glad you wrote that..though, us being our age and all, should have had this happen like 90000 years ago... but theen aggaaain we do act like jr girls screaming and dressing up and claiming the beatles being the orignial emo boys haha

maybe one day we can call it a truce to our ultimate stubborn-ness. we'll see haha

-me. trala