May 18th, 2006

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not like your gonna care enough to read this anyway, 

so i wrote in my journal this thing about how im gonna try to be nicer to people, but since you took me off your friends list you wont read it. But i guess right now were not really friends i mean i cant believe senior years coming to an end and i havent talked to you in like what 6 months? the funny thing is i really have no clue why we stopped talking, but i guess were just both to stubborn for our own good to try to talk to one another now huh. actually wait i do remember. its funny how things work out. i really did think we were gonna be best friends forever and i think we'll be friends again eventually, i mean probably not  tomorrow but one day I'll be like "OMG" and you'll be like "OMGZ!!" and then we'll act like nothing happened cuase that's how we are. Or we'll do the whole acting like the other one doesnt exist for the rest of our lives cause thats how we are too but i mean this from the bottom of my heart when i say that i hope that doesnt happen we have too much fun hissing at people and watching return of the killer tomatoes or playing dress up too do that. which is actually why i wrote this letter, i mean it was a long time coming, but i was looking for pictures for the choir/theatre slideshow and like 59% of all my pictures are me and you doing something stupid or just looking hott (cause we were only hott together) and i just sat there and i was like hmmm i've changed this year, and you've changed this year. and i guess im just saying that im sorry were not as close as we use to be. i mean i could get all like mushy but the chances are a) youre not gonna read this or b) im gonna wake up and be like wow that was stupid and delete it. and yeah im completely serious about how i want my book back.
-me? i hate signing things

To everyone who has stayed by me this year i can not thank you enough, you know who you are.  i really wouldve gone crazy. <3

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