May 16th, 2006

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Dear friend;

Life moves, and within all it's crazy twists and turns, you somehow always forget about me, when I never once forget about you. It seems odd to me. It seems odd that someone I've only known a short amount of time can somehow remember me more clearly than you.
Where did we go wrong? Where did we go astray.

I love you.

Still upset;

please don't drive me home tonight
'cause I don't wanna feel alone
please don't drive me home tonight
'cause I don't wanna go...

(no subject)

hey kid...

i'm sorry. i really am. I wish i would have went about it another way. I just couldn't help falling for him.. I thought he'd atleast say something about it to you but I guess not.I'll continue to not talk to you and avoid you if that's what you want. As mean as you were to me, I miss you. I miss our times together. But I tried changing your mind once and that didn't work.

I'm sorry about how hurtful it is for you to see us together.. but I'm not property. Please try and see it my way.
There was no way to avoid it.
I tried to be unhappy so that I wouldn't hurt you.. ask Valentina she'll tell you. I valued our friendship more than some guy. but i'm sorry that I fell hard for him and yeah that's the last thing you want to hear.

Please don't hate me- I care about you.
I don't think we can be friends again, but just know i care.