May 11th, 2006

attention, attentions; may i have all yr eyes && ears??

so facts.
i'm a pretty realistic person.
okay. so i'm not.
but i am really good with facts.
so facts.
#1. you're the best friend.
i don't know when (though i do know why) but you some how transended tommy && became my best friend. it's weird. it shocked me too.
#2. you speak such pretty words ((butlifesnostorybook))
you quoted Johnny to me. you even wrote me a note (on a napkin, how cute) giving me your "nothing". +aka one of the most romantic things someone could tell someone, based on my pov.+
#3. you mean a lot to me && i rely on you entirely to much.
i guess that's just part of being my best friend. it is really hard for me to open up && tell people things, so when i stick them in the bee-eff-eff catagory, i tend to rely && lean on the person a TON.
#4. all my friends love you.
i mean, you're the only person in the world to curb my self-destructiveness. i haven't cut since i made that promise to you, i've only drank once, at home, with mom, && then i even talked to you on the phone. i've stopped all the hateful slurs i say to myself, i mean hell, i even wear my seatbelt these days!! so of course they all love you. catt especially. she thinks i should marry you ^_^
#5. you really DO say all the right things.
ben:so i heard about you calling tommy & telling him you're "in love"!
bek:pfft. i said 'i'm in love, but not literally', stupid.
ben:bek, you're so in love with me.
bek:no i'm not. ugh. you have to do four things for me to fall in love, duh.
ben:what are they??
bek: 1.serenade me. me beautiful. 3.quote johnny. 4.standing outside my bedroom window with a radio.
ben:i've done three of them. && i'm going to stand outside of your window with a cd player, blasting SAY ANYTHING, just to fuck with you. && if anyone tells me to be quiet, i'll yell "FUCK YOU! COS I LOVE HER!"

growl. still insist we're friends.
how can i have these feelings,
how can you say these things,
&& not have anything more then friendly feelings for me??
well, i think you're full of it.
kidd, you're gonna fall in love with me.
i promise.
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