April 29th, 2006

romain and janssen

Dear Michael,

If you want to be with your boyfriend go right ahead, but when you lie to me and fuck with my plans just so you can be with him that's taking it a step too far. I'm suposed to be your bestfriend but obviously i mean a lot less to you than i thought. Go be with your boyfriend who will just breakup with you eventually but know that that if you keep doing this sleez ball shit you'll lose good a friend in process too.

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Dear you,

I hate you for making me fall in love with you six months ago. I hate you for kissing me, and holding me tight enough to believe you wouldn't let me go. I hate you for not understanding the words I said to you, and I hate you for running straight to her. I hate you for coming back six months later, and singing our songs. I hate you for hugging me and telling me you still feel it too. I hate that I never was able to forget you, but just learned to be strong enough to push it aside. I hate that you were every breathe I took, the wind against my body, the picture behind my eyelids. I hate how I still wish we could have been invincible. I hate how you promised me you'd be a better person and I hate that you did it all over again. I hate that we can't be friends - because it never lasts. I hate how I have somebody but still think about you with mixed emotions and teary eyes. I hate myself for still thinking about you, period.

At least I meant what I said when I promised you I loved you.

dear you..

dear you,
i don't know why i get like that. you're just such a sure thing, i don't even need to worry. but i should. because nothing is set. i think you just might be gone for good.
i wonder sometimes if you think about me. wish things were different. wonder if i think about you.
are you missing me right now?
why don't you call me.
why don't you fucking come to visit me already because you're already eighteen, and if you really would do ANYTHING for me, you'd do this.
all i want to do, is see you, if only for a day or two.
love, me.
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wonka candy vs liquor

& even though the title changes....

the story remains the same...

"Best Friend"

We've been together for two years,
and we've been best friends since we met pretty much. But I dunno about this.
I still feel like your girlfriend.
I don't feel like your best friend.
But I know that we've had a lot go wrong.
And this is the best thing, it just isn't what I'd like.
But you're my best friend
you're still in my life.
It could be MUCH worse
So I'm done complaining
I just hope that this summer we do get back together
and it's better than what we had before
And I don't regret any part of our relationship.
I do wish I could have changed my behavior sooner, but that's ok.
I can change now, and by the summer, we'll be able to have something amazing.
Thank you so much for still being here for me
Thanks for still caring after
all the pain I put you through
I love you. Always have, always will.
You know that.
And when you need me, I'm here.
Well, just call me
and we'll hang out.
And talk.
And just be the best friends we were at a previous time
I love you.
your best friend who wishes she was still more...
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