April 28th, 2006

we'll hold each others hands to fight the dark

dear ben,

baaaaah. =] i like you. yr cute ^.^ ^.^ ^.^

"i'm not in love with you. . .but i could fall in love with you. . ."
"what did you just say?? i had my head in the 'fridge."

-later on, after i relayed what i said && you sat there && screamed 'AWWWW YR SO CUTE!!!' into my ear for about ten mintues && i sat there, denying that i said it.-

"do you want to fall in love with me??"
"why not??"
"you'll just break my heart. . ."
"i would do no such thing."

you're good for me, kidd. you make me a happier person. you make me smile. i've been clean ever since you started checking. ever since that night in the WAFFLE HOUSE parkinglot. i've been smiling. i've been able to open up, i've been happy. i've been nicer. i've been focused. i've been motivated, i've been dreaming.

yr pretty damned amazing.

we should prolly be together.

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Dear you..


Dear Shane,

It's been so long. I haven't seen you in ages. Almost a year is my guess.
But, we've been talking. Through text messages and stuff. You told me that you've cared about me since the day you met me. You told me your feelings were overpowering and you had to fight back everytime you saw me. I felt the same way. Exactly the same way. It was so strong.. I could barely stand to see you knowing that I couldn't have you. I am so relieved to know that you've always felt the same way.
I adore you, boy. I hope you never forget that. And, maybe, since we discussed how nothing ever happened between us... maybe it will now.
I sure as hell hope so.

with love,

..but I've never met someone quite like you
you can take me away from here
do you remember how it was when we were fasinators
sneaking glances
do you remember how it was all night while I sing my song
'til our songs were done...

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