April 11th, 2006

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Dear Dublin,
You looked nice today. On most days you look gross.

Dear Mom,
You should have made me more domestically capable before leaving for the week.

Dear House,
Please stay in one piece.

Dear Life,
You will be so much cooler on June 22nd. In fact, you are very cool right now, but you'll just be cooler then.

Dear Me,
Go to bed.


So positive self talk i probaly won't remember later. :/

Dear Myself;

It's kind of pathetic that you can't spell college out loud. But that was actually pretty funny.
You really need to stop lettign this Brittany girl get to you. She's nothing but a gilr craving attention because she get's none at home and to insult people makes her feel better. Kim, you need to stop thinking so negative about yourself. Your a good person, it's just your surrounded by a few people who make you believe differently; believe negativly. Your grades are wonderful & your personality is too, you can do whatever you want as logn as you give effort. :]

Just please don't get upset tonight because of all the insults people give you. Your better than to stoop to their low level of thinking, face it.

<3 myself.
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