April 9th, 2006


dunno really...

why are some people such ass holes?
why are some people so hypocritical? 
why are some people so moody and jealous over the wrong person?
why are some people always "there for you" but you never seem to be able to tell them anything that is actually wrong? 
why are some people so careless and oblivious to how other people feel?

why do some people never seem to give a rat's arse about you?
But why do other's seem to be there all the time and make it all okay?
But what do you do when they cannot make it okay because .. it's one of those people?

why does it always seem to feel like it is you that puts all your effort and compassion into something, only to recievevery little appreciation or recognisation back?
and why does it seem that you are the one crying on your own wishing you had someone to explain all your thoughts too? 
why is it that you feel on your own? 

but it's all so pointless really to even think about.


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dear university life,

a pox on thee.

today you made me miss out on:

- valuable nookie time with the boyfiend (cough)
- a trip to garden city to go shopping for LUSH cosmetics (www.lush.com doitcosit'sgood)
- an eating excursion with my daddy to an indian food festival

omgwtfbbqkebabsnakesonaplane, i really hate you now. boyfiend misses me terribly and i miss him, the lush store is very hard to get to and going is a once-every-six-months-or-longer opportunity, and I WANT FOOD GODDAMMIT. ESPECIALLY FAIRY FLOSS AND OILY, DEEP-FRIED INDIAN SNACKS.

SRSLY. no one cares about stupid motion induced blindness.

The works of Funk & Pettigrew (2003) and Carter & Pettigrew (2003) discuss the disappearance and reappearance of the yellow dots in the Bonneh Illusion in terms of perceptual rivalry and the crossing of brain hemispheres, concurring with Bonneh’s own research (et. al, 2001) that the cyclical nature of brain activity causes the temporary “dot-blindness”.

yes, BUT DOES ANYBODY CARE? i think not.

no love for my stupid psych lab report,
- sam
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I looked at you yesterday...
And instead of feeling that pang of emptiness in my side...
I felt like I wanted to puke.
I'm over you. Fucker.

Don't ever say my name again.


I'm sorry this took so long.
I love you.
Forever and ever.