March 31st, 2006


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My gorgeous one,

You make me happier than anyone ever has before. You see my imperfections on display every single day of our lives, yet you still love me unconditionally. I promise I will never leave. I will never walk away. No matter where you go, who you're with, or what you do. No matter what happens this summer while you're away, I will still be here for you once you return. Because our love is forever, and I will never let go.

Forever yours,

(no subject)

So I still love you - and you may or may not realize that. Either way, I've decided something - I'm going to have you. This summer. Hope you're ready for me.

You suck. I'm glad I stole your boyfriend and had all the mad crazy sex you two never did.
PS: Oh, and he's good. very very good. too bad for you.