March 30th, 2006

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Dear You,

I'm beginning to realize that I can never fully be over you.

I couldn't let go because I wanted what every girls wants:

For the boy to realize his mistake and run after the girl in the end.

peter griffin

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thanks for listening to me. like you said, that's what you're there occured to me tonight that God put you in my life on purpose, but it wasn't the first time I've closed my eyes and thanked Him that I know you.

I am worried about this girl you like. don't let her turn out like the last one. I should be honest -- I don't think any girl will ever be good enough for you.

love, bff

m (bfff),
I love you more than you know, but...what can I say? I don't think she's good enough to be receiving this much of your attention.

love, bfff.

(does anyone see a pattern?)