March 13th, 2006

wonka candy vs liquor

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I'm not in my room tonight, because well, there's no room on my bed. But had I known that you would come out at 3 am, to snore loudly and interrupt everything, I probably would have just put my junk back on the floor--and ruin all the work he and I did in there. If this happens every night...I'm gonne explode. It's not like I got to bed before midnight, then again it's not like you care. Thanks. Stay in your own bed to snore plz, I don't need you to interrupt my sleep and then make it so there's no chance in hell for me to get back there. And ya know, I've got SCHOOL tomorrow....oh yeah, you don't give a crap about me. Well maybe you do but your actions lately have NOT told me that. So thanks. Thanks for ensuring that tomorrow sucks. And actually, probably ensuring that this whole f-in. week will suck. I don't hate you, but right now I feel like I do...and how would I tell you not to get out of bed and snore? I don't know a nice way...But I wish I could tell you because I'm screwed for school as it is because me and sleep don't agree. So, Thanks again. I'm sick of your inconsiderate nature. You make me feel like a servant...when I'm watching something, you talk to me...and make it known that you are more important than whatever piece of shit I want to watch. I wonder what you'd do if I just turned the tv on. But we won't find out. Because I'm going to go back to the couch, and pray that you will wake up and go back to your own fucking bed.

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You have been a refuge for me

Dear You,
You deserve so much better than me.
You should just let me go.
You should push me away like I pushed you.
You will learn that there are people that could take my place.
And would, in a heartbeat.
I just wish I didn't have to do this but when the hurt outweighs the fun you have to move on.
I keep telling myself that, repeating uncomfortable lines like, "If you love something set it free..."
Well they aren't helping me at all.
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