March 6th, 2006


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I once heard you say that I was the "most one-faced person" you'd ever met. I didn't want to tell you then, but you were wrong. I talk about everybody behind their backs. I don't know how I ended up being such a bitch, but I am. I think I just get so sick of criticizing myself, that I start criticizing others. Just for, ya know, a change of pace.
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This whole world is filled with amazing guys. Guys who care so much about the girls they like. Guys who are hopeless romantics. Guys who take their girlfriends out on dates and hang out with their friends. Guys who actually listen to what girls have to say. It seems like these guys are everywhere. All over the media, all over the campus. Your friends are all like this too. They pine away over girls they like. They'll do anything to get them and anything to keep them.

Yet I have to go and fall for you. The one guy who doesn't care about anyone or anything. I don't understand. Why don't you fucking care?!



You say you 'accepted it' and that you'll call me every other day and I'll call you on the other days. && We'll hang out all the time. And that you'll just run to my house. && We won't lose contact. Part of me really wants to believe you, but you're race's reputation preceeds you. Prove me wrong. Go ahead. I dare you.Stick around for a month, a year, and then maybe I'll believe you. Come on, this is your chance. Your chance to prove to me that not everyone in this world can throw me away. Please, prove to me I'm worth something to you. Prove to me I matter to you. Prove to me I wasn't just your ticket to freinds.
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So, I just 'finished' this poem. I say that in quotes, because I read somewhere that a poem is never finished -- only abandoned. And I kind of agree with that, because there's always more that you could add to the poem. But I'm putting it behind an lj cut because well, it's weird. Basically, it's about a house that eats people.

And the wind warns people, but it's a neat poem...or it would be if it didn't creep me out. Lol. Read it if you want, and feed back would be appreciated. :)

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