March 3rd, 2006

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Dear Boyfriend

Can I even call you my boyfriend anymore? or is that word an understatement? When I saw you last night everything was great..we were standing outside talking..and everything was kool..then i check your myspace today and it says single? I call you today and you tell me you'll call me back later and you haven't yet and in all honesty i don't think you will. please tell me what is going on? you spend a week with your married best friend and i don't talk to you for 4 could of told me you were going to be gone but you didn't. you say you tried to call me but you couldn't find a cell phone.i really don't think you did. Why are you changing right before my eyes? you never acted this way before untill now. why now when everything started to get great. why now does it feel like your ignoring me..avoiding me...not wanting to be with me as much as you did before. did something happen during those 4 days we didn't talk that I should know about? did your feelings change during thosse 4 days? please...please call me so we can talk about this. i don't like to have things left unsaid.

always yours * if you want me to be*
Your confused girlfriend
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Dear Ex boyfriend,

stop acting like you're 12. you're 21 years old and harassing me isnt going to get me to go back out with you. don't call my phone with a voice changer thinking thats going to scare me. it's actually pretty stupid. hell,i'm 18 and more mature than you and that is pretty sad.

my advice to you is to just grow up.. you told me to go away, leave you the fuck alone you said you wanted me out of your life. how can i do that if you won't even leave me alone. in all honesty it makes no sense to me.

fuck off, get a life and stay out of mine.
wishing you were gone,
the more mature ex girlfriend.
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