February 28th, 2006


Live && Let Live

I just got home from the Basketball game at the Highschool.I have decided I would absolutly die without those people.I have more school spirit for a school I don't go to then My actual school.How weird?I was just getting so excited, it was a 'nail biter' but we won in the end.I was so excited.I saw my summer-hook-up-lover.He looks really good, he grew like a foot.We didnt talk until after the game, but we saw each other once.It was one of those 'momentstoppinglooksthatnooneelseintheworldgets'It is so weird with him.But whatever.It doesnt surpass my other feelings.I am starting to get used to my hair.Those darn townie people, they have that positive effect on me.Urg I just dont' know wat to do next year. Any Advice?
I mean I love my freinds, but I hate everything else. And I just feel kinda weird. But sometimes, I love my school. But sometimes I just want to die. I dont know what to do. Argg. And its a big decision, its my high school career. Big deal right? And I have to decide soon. Its just like, I wouldnt miss to many people, but there are a couple people I might just die without. Ahh

Advice Me!!
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