February 27th, 2006


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Boys Boys Boys.
Gawd they are impossible.
With their weird profiles that say 'i love you' and 'i sorry' and 'i need to find where i belong'
So confusing.
Can't live with 'em
Can't shoot 'em
Guess we gotta live with 'em.
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My realizations...

~I've realized I'm selfish.
~I've realized I'm depressed, with only a tiny reason to be...I had a reason oh, 16 months ago.
~I've realized I'm completely in love.
~I've realized I'm losing track of the life I once had.
~I've realized I don't go out with my friends.
~I've realized my life wouldn't be the same without him.
~I've realized I want him by my side forever.
~I've realized I have to be more open with him, if I want to keep him.
~I've realized I need more human interaction.
~I've realized I jump to conclusions way too easily, and I need to at least cut back on it.
~I've realized I create scenarios that'll never happen, and sometimes, my ex-boyfriend's more involved than he should be.
~I've realized I'm too dependant, and pulling back a little, would help, not just me, but us.
~I've realized it's hard for me to understand things if I don't see them the way others do.
~I've realized there's some stuff about me, I need to change for my own benefit.
~I've realized I'm getting too into the physical aspect of our relationship, when that's the least important part.
~I've realized I'm sick of sitting at home, alone. All the time.
~I've realized I've been hiding from life.
~I've realized I need to face my fears-no matter how scary they seem.
~I've realized that to ever trust him completely, I have to tell him everything. All the 'little unimportant' things that he does that hurt/irk/annoy me. Because otherwise, I don't really trust him, I just think I do.
~I've realized that if we lived in another time period, our lives would be MUCH harder.
~I've realized we as a society take a lot for granted.
~I've realized you never know how to appreciate something until you lose it, or get close to losing it.
~I've realized my depression won't magically disappear when I'm with him.
~I've realized I need to understand my depression, and handle it as opposed to running from it.
~I've realized in my relationship, I can't just think everything's fine or it'll work itself out, and put no effort into it.
~I've realized I've been judging those I know only by sight-and that's not the way I want to be.
~I've realized I can change, and be the person I'd love to be...I just have to put EFFORT into it.
Thanks for reading, if you did. :)
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Dear You,

The only things I miss
the way
you kissed me
and the bags of
Swedish Fish
you would
surprise me with.

Let's not make this awkward.

Love? Signed? Sincerely? Thanks for the good times?