February 26th, 2006


(no subject)


I have to question if you ever really loved me. Just as a person. Just as me. Because you lied about so much when we were together. It's been two weeks since we broke up and I still haven't seen you. I try to spend time with you. But it still hasn't happened. I think it's good that your phone still doesn't work, because I'd probably try to call you every day. I told you I don't get over people easily. I told you it breaks my heart when people who mean so much to me are just ripped out of my life. And the difference between you and me is that I never lied to you. Not once. And all this may not mean a thing to you. You may not care if you ever see me again. Which is why I question if you ever loved me. Maybe I don't really wanna know, because I'm afraid of hearing an answer that I don't want to hear. But it matters to me. It really fucking matters to me. You will always matter to me.


(no subject)

dear boy (that is reallyreallyreally cute and knows i like him),
i'm finding it really hard to wait.
i just want to be with you all the time
and talk to you all the time
and i cant be
because youre with her
who you say you hate
and im really kind of confused.
i know you said you wouldnt hurt me
but im still really really scared that even though you like me. nothing is going to work out the way that i'm planning it will.

but i just really like you.
a whole lot, and im really happy the way things have ended up so far.
i just want to know how you feel about her.