February 9th, 2006


(no subject)

Dear Roy,
I love you. I think. I'm not entirely sure what love is. But I feel strongly for you. When you hug me I breath you in. Not just your cologne but your heat and your realness and the fact that you hug me. I breath it all in. When you smile at me my heart leaps up into my throat because hey...you were looking at me. And when we talk...and you talk to me and not at me I feel seen and appreciated. And when we were holding hands that one time when we were a brick wall in the hallway with our friends. Your hand was warm while mine was cold and i could feel your heat all the way into my neck. And when I gave you my number how when you were walking away you gave me the "i'll call you soon" sign with your hand. I smiled then went out for icecream. And when you figured out I liked you you talked to me about it and we had to go back to class...and you said we'd talk more about it. That was nice of you. And I can imagine you kissing me and holding me and me not being lonely anymore...
Too bad about that girlfriend of yours.