February 2nd, 2006


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You sent some chick a copy of a romantic song you wrote about her.
I don't know her or if you guys ever dated/screwed/were romantic.

There are 8 less condoms in your cabinet.
But you swear you've been faithful.

Love letters from and photos of your ex are all over your floor.
You were cleaning out old boxes. Okay, but why is this stuff still everywhere?

You wrote to someone in reminiscense of a time you were high.
I don't know if this was last year or last month. But you say you're off pot.

You're asleep when we have plans, and you refuse to get out of bed.
I don't care that you say you're tired. You do this to me all the time.

You've said yourself that you do nothing to deserve me.
And I said you should do something about that. Why don't you?

So why the fuck do you not understand why I am unhappy?!
I don't know who you are, why you are this way, and if you're ever truthful.

connor O

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To you..

Right when im finally finding some one new and getting over you.. You decide to come and ask me out again, I am now going insane. I know for a fact you are my soul mate, we get along so well. I know you like I have never known some one before, and you know me like no one has ever known me before. Even though i have been getting over you, you have still always been on my mind. I have always been wainting you to ask me out again, and it never seemed to happen. I was constantly hoping, now that its finally here.. I dont even know what to do. I don't want to choose between 2 people, it doesnt seem right. I know no matter what i do some one is going to get hurt. I get a different sort of feeling when im with either of you, what makes it hard is that they are both good feelings. I dont want to hurt either of you! I feel like the devil right now... I'm sorry...
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