January 29th, 2006

connor O

(no subject)

WOW... I feel like such an ass... I believed you at first, then i was convinced that you were lying. In the end i found out you really weren't lying, I should have just stuck with my instincts and not listened to what other people were saying. The amazing thing is that you weren't even upset with me for thinking you were lying. Sooo sorry for not believing you. Any ways the past couple of days have been really fun hanging out with you. Things are really starting to work out:). Sorry if i can be confusing sometimes. ITs just im still kind of scared of relationships considering how hurt i got in my last one. I have been hearing lately that a lot of girls want to fight me cause they like you... That is pathetic, just because they can't get the person they like they want to kill the one he actually likes instead of just dealing with that and finding some one new.. I'm not even worried about them, I find it kind of funny. You asked me today if that is starting to scare me and if i would stop talking to you because that, no way. Im not a coward, i'll just deal with it, and hopefully they will grow up and get over it. I mean its not my fault you know? I understand them being upset, but threatening me? Thats just plain old stupidity. Im not going to throw away all my feelings just for them any ways. I can't wait until tuesday, all of us hanging out will be so fun.

I'm also really happy with the fact that you aren't always on my back about sex.. Like you know who is with my friend.. You never ask me about it.. Or call me and say " heeyyy sexy, I wanna see you tonight, bring some condoms.." You treat me and my feelings with respect, and I respect that. I also was soo happy when i asked you why you liked me you said, I was smart and unlike most of the girls you know, and you see me having a successful future, a good sence of humor, and i was very talented.. then u added just at the end you are also beautiful.. It was very refreshing to hear that.. Instead of... YOu are fucking hot, and your ass is nice! I'm not saying that, thats only what other guys have said.. Cause they also say the smart and funny thing.. But i actually know that your not just all about the looks, and you actually are waiting on me. Instead of trying to force me to move really fast. Overall I'm just saying i hope this all works out for the best. <3
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