January 27th, 2006


(no subject)

dear emotastic boyfriend of my best friend,
you are a shitty person.
you make her feel like poo.
from the first second i saw you in her kitchen this summer i got a bad vibe from you and an instant dislike.
but she claimed i "just didnt know you".
so i sat back, kept my mouth shut, and hung around you.
ive even tried hanging otu with you without her around, just because shes my best friend in the world and i want her to be happy. and if her best friend and boyfriend getting along makes her happy, then by god ill try.
and i did.
but after that display on wednesday, both displays, of your selfish, unnessesary, emotastic childishness, i can hold back no longer.
i will not be around you anymore. not at all.
even if that means cutting my time with my best friend in half. or into a quarter.
because you are a bad relationship and she does not see that.
so maybe by telling her that i refuse to be near you, it will help her to think about things. she knows shes not happy. shes admitted that. shes admitted that you make her feel like crap.
she just refuses to do anything about it.
so i will.
she can sit there on your bed and be ignored by you for hours and hours on end till you get off your damn computer games. but i will not.
your an asshole and i want nothing to do with you.
and i want her to have nothing to do with you.
but i cant force her.
even though it hurts me to have to listen to how hurt she is, what can i do?
so since she wont listen to me, then im just going to stay away.
theres nothing else i can do.
but if you ever phsycially hurt her, your dead.