January 21st, 2006

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Dear Stan,

why must you live so far away? I want you. I don't want you to be mine; I just want you.




Dear Kevin,

she's a skank. If you ever happen to find this, I'm sure I'll get a good chuckle.

Love, love, love, in several different ways, including jest,

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i have the most unhealthy crush on you ever but i've barley held a conversation with you. i want you. no, i want someone to love me like you love her. and if they happen to be exactly like you, i wouldnt mind at all. maybe you can give my boyfriend a few lessons...
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dear you

we used to be best friends.
i dont fucking care that you're dating him..it was over along time ago.
kelly said that i ought to, because youre dating him.
but really, i couldn't fucking be happier for you. hes a wonderful guy, and i know he'll take care of you.

i just hate that you wont even fucking talk to me. like i'm a lepor..
i really wish you knew this, becuase i dont wanna say anything to you because i can't take confrontation.

it's really tearing me apart. when i had no one else to go to, you were right there....
man, please can we just talk...

love foralways,

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i say i dont want to jump you but really i do. i've never felt this way about anyone. i'm not saying it's the most spectactular thing in the world, i'm saying i feel safe and comfortable in my own skin and beautiful even when we've been out in the rain which you walked all the way to see me in. i know i shouldn't be talking to you because it's making me want you again and it's causing hassle with your gf. but she's lying to you about me. and that's not right.

it's been two months and you act weird with me. you act like you can't be too close to me cause you think i might jump you. and although sometimes i do, it's only for a brief period of time because then i remember what you're like. detatched and a faker. you weren't bi, you just thought it sounded cool. i was an experiment and you made me feel like shit after. and you want me to say it's ok because otherwise not everythings perfect. you're running from everything then saying it's odd and weird. get over yourself, people go through this all the time. you're not odd or totally weird. you're acceptably weird, whereas people think i'm a real freak and shout abuse and me and my friends. i don't care, but you think it's so great, when we don't do it to be great, we do it to have fun in our own skin or because we don't give a shit what people think.

my friends,
when christina was talking about people staring at her and becky cause they were holding hands and looked "gay" i wanted to laugh and then tell them how no one stared when me and george did that, and how a big issue guy came up to us when we were making out. beat that stupid petty yet slightly amusing story.
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