January 1st, 2006

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2005, You have been the most amazing year I have ever had, by far. You started off very shaky and confused, but by the time summer ended, I knew I would never be able to forget you. You were the year I found the true meaning of love, family, and pain. You were the year I realized how much one needs to live life like it's there last day, because it could be. From the first of the year to today, I have become a totally different person and I am so greatful for it. This is the year I truly grew up and became an adult. I found some of the most amazing friends and lost some of my best. There were ups and downs, but mostly ups. I lost my best friends father, and cancer was a big thing this year I guess. Three people that mean the world to me were struck with it. You wore my faith out and that is one thing I wish didn't happen, because I am still trying to gain that back. You were the year I fell in love for the first time, you gave me him, the greatest thing in my life. Thank you. I think I am going to miss you.

2006, I never thought you would come. I've waited all my life for you to come. This is my big year. The year I graduate from the terrible thing they call highschool. They year I move out and become my own person. The year I can finally prove to my parents I don't need them to survive. Be good to me, please?

<3 Jessica Mae.


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Dear Friend,
We have a problem on our hands.
Tonight I realized I want you for real. But I don't want you sad, because I can see that you're completely and utterly happy with her. So please tell me, as soon as possible, when we can be in love. Because I'll wait.