December 29th, 2005


Dear Someone,

I do so many stuff for my parents and all I get is a word "USELESS" from them? I am sick and tired of being fat and ugly. I am sick and tired of the look my parents hav on me. I am sick and tired of everything. I just fuckin need some space. I just fuckin need some sympathy. I just fuckin' need some good attention. It's like I do not exist here at all. I am just tired of being the ugly duckling and I think I know how to put an end to it! And I think I will do it ...And I will proove everyone one day that I am not a fuckin' USELESS whore! I will give the daughter they always asked for. And they will get it. Oh yes they will!

Yes I am furious, mad, frustrated, exhausted and what not. whatever decision is taken during these times will be wrong as well. I am very well aware of it but I know what I have gone through and I know that the decision I took was not in haste. So, I know that someday I will do what I always wanted to. I do not care if the whole world will be against me coz I know what I am going to do is right and good for a lot of other poeple and I also know that it is RIGHT!

They always punished me for who I am. Now they will get punished for what I am going to be.

I will never try to suicide, it is a coward act. I know how to face my problems and I will!

Thanx for reading,
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