December 28th, 2005

i'm not...

this is what staying up late thinking of him, does to me

Since it cannot be for anyone else...

I wish I knew you well enough to know every line of your face
its just that I'm too timid to look
my saviour, you make my mind stop racing
so all I know is that I want you

I wish I could recite your many moods
like I do your multiple names
but we see so little of each other
its hard to tell if you're annoyed or ashamed

I do know that your chin is strong
your lips soft
your eyes-though shadowed-are a deep and ever changing Hazel
and your nose makes your profile unique

you are thin, not really a shape
but you can tell just by a glance that your arms are strong
brutal in battle
but they could contain me forever

your chest is, I imagine, just as perfect as the rest of you
but I can't say I havent hoped to fall asleep, with my head on your stomach

but those hands
almost as if made to cradle my thighs, my hands, my hips, my neck...
are best of all