December 24th, 2005

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Tonight was full of drama. She wants you don't let anything she says go to heart. I will get upset if you start talking to her again, but it's not like I'll show it. Or say anything for that matter. Dear, you weren't anything less than perfect tonight. We weren't anything less than perfect. It's Christmas Eve now...I wont see you tonight, but atleast I'll hear from you when you get home from your family thing. I hope you like your presents, I spent over $60 that I don't have on you. I only got to buy you two things, but I made you something too...aww?

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dear mmy,

well, i called it, didn't i?? you && lexee broke up. just like i said. i believe thats ten bucks you owe me, isn't it??

can i say I TOLD YOU SO??

because just like with pitney && katie, i was right. just like i knew i would be. but i wont say it. i wont rub it in your face. because i don't ever wanna do anything to make you sad. no matter how sad you've made me.

i hate how your mood effects mine. if you're sad, i'm sad, if you're happy, i'm happy, if you're mad, i'm mad. maybe that's just the way it is for best friends, you know?? but i hate when you take things out on me, or you say things that will upset me, like the comment about the train.

you'd better believe that if you ever stepped out infront of a moving train, vehical or whatever that'd i'd be right by your side.

cuz i've never been more serious about anything in my life.

i just don't get this. i can't still be in love with you, can i?? i mean, i got over that the end of september when we got into that huge fight. the fight that nearly ended our friendship && nearly ate me alive. but then why do i care so much?? why does this matter so much??


i feel like screaming!!!

i read stephanie my songs last night. somethnig you know that isnt very common for me to do. && she asked me if i ever let you see the lyrics to any of them. of course i never have, except for Part One, simply because it was inspired by something you wrote me.

i don't know. this isnt even going anywhere.

i love you

she was just another hoe anyways.


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