December 1st, 2005

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Dear Boys of Oceanside, Vista, Carlsbad, and maybe San Marcos,

I'm available.

I'm pretty interesting, I swear. I like boys who aren't like me in the ways that don't matter, will put up with me, and will hold my hand, my heart, as well as my attention. I'm pretty much not like most of the girls in this town. And yeah, I might act like an immature pre-pubescent boy sometimes, but I am the girliest girl you'll find. And I've been told that quality is endearing. I might be incredibly complex, but I like I that way. I like talking about things that matter and have substance, even though I come off as one-dimensional. Get to know me and you won't be disappointed. And I've been told that I'm nice to look at. :)

SO over a certain boy,

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I haven't written in here for a while but there's some things I can't share to any one and yet I need to share them.

Dear Batman,
I love you. you said it first and for a while I refused to respond not believing that you could love me. I spent thanksgivign away from home for the first year ever but I spent it with you and your family and you made me feel so welcome. we slept in different beds in the same room and it felt wonderful. it was good to know that we didn't have to be physical but could just lay there or maybe talk. I asked you what you were thinking at one time and you responded about how love has always been a hollywood thing and now you're not sure about that because yoau think you love me...I questioned this in my mind. I wanted to know why you would say you loved me and question if there is love.

I'm scared though because I can see you being in my future for a while. 1000 kisses takes us to over five months due to the christmas break it will be more like 6 months.that beats your longest relationship and ties my longest constant one. I want to be with you in more then a year. I can see growing older with you and that's so hard. you're really the first one that I've felt this way about. not even with ryan could I do...I love being with you. I love just holding your hand or tickling you.

Batman I am your Robin in more then just the batman and robin sidekick you. feel better